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Modern Benefits of a Railroad in the Midwest

Here’s a look at why a Midwest railroad contractor will stand by railroads for freight in this modern age, despite the countless contemporary alternatives. Some of the greatest inventions to come out of our collective history are still heavily relied upon today. Consider the wheel, which has not only defined transport but has also gone on to play a huge role in engineering. Ever reliant upon them today are the trains that span Midwestern America, which in themselves are a vital invention in our country’s history.

8 benefits of having a Midwest railroad

These hulking machines have not only stood the test of time but still offer some unique advantages over other forms of freight transport. Here are the modern benefits of a Midwest railroad.

1. The Fate of Freight

Understanding how rail freight can be better than other forms of freight transport takes a look at how freight has evolved in recent years. The amount of businesses operating in our great nation nowadays is relatively astounding, with many existing solely online and operating from warehouses.

2. Prompt Expectations

The advent of online shopping has changed not only how we purchase goods during a global crisis like a pandemic but also our general shopping habits. It’s no surprise that freight has also had to adapt, with demand for the prompt delivery of all manner of consumer goods becoming a standard.

3. Shipping on a Shoestring

The cost of freight is a major consideration, especially for those companies whose profit margins are reliant on high product turnover. However, other costs have taken precedence in recent years too.

4. Overnight Delight

Many major businesses are transitioning their operations to a digital storefront, to save on countless costs. While this has its benefits for consumers and suppliers alike, there is a downside that has led to the prompt expectations of modern customers.

Once upon a time to buy your desired product, you would go to your local store and purchase one either to be taken home that day, later that week or to be sent out thereafter. This involved a lot of human interaction, which would have acted as a buffer for concerns around how long it might take to receive.

Nowadays, going online shopping, we aren’t faced with any friendly faces of customer service representatives wishing to ease our minds. This has made people more demanding when it comes to shipping times, so freight companies have adapted to acting fast and delivering efficiently.

5. Benefits of a Midwest Railroad

Ask any Midwest railroad contractor their preferred way of traveling across these great states, and they’ll almost always tell you it’s hitching a ride on one of the many trains. This isn’t just because of the scenery, though; Midwestern roads are notorious for delays, accidents, closures, and construction.

So while trucks have proven adept at moving goods quickly across borders, they are quickly slowed by these common issues, which can keep your goods from getting to their final destination within the deadline.

6. Counting Costs

It doesn’t take an economist to understand how shipping things in bulk tends to be cheaper than shipping individually. Although when it comes to shipping bulk loads of any product, it starts to get big and heavy pretty fast.

As previously mentioned, those companies that rely on a thin profit margin on each product need to find ways to move large amounts quickly while minimizing costs. The best way to do this is by shipping as much as possible at once, sometimes amounting to several tons.

7. All Gas No Breaks

A year ago today, shipping via a fleet of trucks may have had a comparable cost to shipping via a rail freight network. Although due to global events, the cost of gas has skyrocketed to a monumental level, making trucks financially cumbersome overnight.

While most trains rely on the same diesel fuel that trucks rely on, the way that each uses the gas is quite different. A modern locomotive is around 10 times more fuel efficient than a truck and can carry a ton of goods 480 miles (ca. 772 km) on just one gallon of fuel.

8. Environmental Costs

Arguably as important as the financial cost is, the environmental cost of our actions on this planet has gained more attention in recent years. Finding ways to enact our businesses while minimizing or mitigating harm can ensure that there’s still a planet and resources for future generations.

Although both rely on diesel, the fuel efficiency of trains is not only a financial incentive but also an environmental one. The benefits of a railroad also tend to be a lot more linear than roads, only requiring a thin strip of tracks rather than spiderwebbed networks across states and counties.

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